Personal Stories

You leave dental school an idealistic young thing full of hopes and plans for the future. You think you will work in practice, maybe a bit of hospital or community and then settle and buy your own place and practise the Dentistry you were taught and have honed over the years.

Then life has other plans. Maybe there’s bereavement, or a divorce, or children problems, or financial ones, or maybe all of that at once. And you find yourself just getting by, maybe not paying the attention you used to, getting snowed under with paperwork, referrals, reports, demands of patients and staff.

You think that you are coping. You may or may not be turning to drink or drugs. You may or may not be sleeping. You may or may not be eating properly and getting exercise.

· But the stress is there, you just don’t really realise it.

· Then the NHS call and you know that you are in trouble

I was referred to the Dentists’ Health Support Trust– a group you have never heard of but who tell you they have dealt with loads of cases like yours. They reassure. They advise. They sympathise. They let you know you are not alone. They encourage you to talk to others nearer home.

· But mostly, they listen…..

· And keep listening.

I never thought I would need them, but The Dentists’ Health Support Trust has been my lifeline. I accept their help and that of others now. I don’t dread tomorrow. I can now look forward to a future.”

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